Come on in…

The water is fine.





Hello Lover, I’m Karli

A five foot four ball of fire that you could be lucky enough to meet. I’m a midwestern girl at heart, transplanted into Atlanta and in full bloom. My short blonde curls bounce into place, never hiding my sly grin and hazel eyes. My velvety, fair skin is the perfect canvas for my tattoos, covering toned curves and drawing your eye to all the right places. I’ve got an edgy vibe, with soft edges and an uncanny ability to read you like a book. I’ll anticipate your needs before you even do. Slide in and get comfortable. We’re going for a ride.

 I’m good at getting to know you, and love languorous, unhurried dates, where we move at our own pace and take time to dive into each other’s less spoken needs and desires. I’m a firm believer in communication and meeting you where you’re at. We often say a lot without words. You have found a companion who can hear you even when you aren’t speaking.

Whether we start our evening at my private incall location with an erotic massage, with your hand gently placed on my knee under the dinner table at that local restaurant you always wanted to try or flying me to you. You’ll be greeted with the same warmth. Easing into conversation over an Old Fashioned or a Jalapeño Margarita is always a great introduction. Let’s let the liquor warm our blood as we scoot in closer together. You may be unsure how to make the first move, but just see how effortlessly I take the lead. Here are some date ideas to get you started! Still unsure, don’t take my word for it, read for yourself!

I can’t wait to meet you.



Karli Sparx Atlanta, GA | Erotic Massage & FMTY Escort



The slower the kiss, the faster the heartbeat.