Need to know Info.

Before booking an appointment with me, please review the following information to ensure our time together is unforgettable.

Deposits are required and non negotiable. Deposits show that you are committed to meeting and securing our time together. The required 25% booking deposit is non-refundable unless the appointment is cancelled by me (In the case of rare emergencies.) 

Deposits may be sent via Cash App or Venmo. The use of Wishtender will incur a fee, which is dependent on the deposit amount.

Within 5-7 days I offer rescheduling with the original deposit on file within one month of previously scheduled date with no additional fee.

Within 72 hours: 50% fee due

Within 24 hours: 100% fee due

Cancellations of sessions 8hrs or longer must be paid in full regardless of when they occur, unless both parties agree to a suitable solution such as rescheduling it within the same month. All payments must be made within 24 hours.

Tour Cancellations: within 4 days require full payment of the session fee; within 7 days, 50% of session fee needs to be paid. All payments must be made within 24 hours.

In the rare case of an emergency and I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule for an alternative time. You will receive 100% of your deposit back within 24 hours.

Cancellation payments are expected within 24 hours. Payment can be sent via CashApp or Venmo. 

-Please leave payment on the counter upon your arrival and excuse yourself to freshen up. This gives me some time alone to count. Even if you have showered in the last 1-2 hours, please take the time to wash your hands with the soap provided. Give a quick gargle, swish and spit of the mouthwash provided. A little mouthwash will do wonders and make kissing even more pleasant!

-If we are meeting in a public setting, kindly provide your payment at the start of our date. Have payment tucked away in a greeting card, book or gift bag. I love thoughtful touches so this is a gesture that warms my heart.

-If you have not showered within the last 1-2hours, please take the time to do so. I have multiple soap options available for your convenience. Making the effort to freshen up before our time together will make it much more comfortable and enjoyable for both of us.

Before confirming any reservation, the items below are non negotiable.

  1. A photo of your Valid Government ID such as a Driver’s License. (You can cross out the address and license number only)
  2. A selfie with you holding the ID. (You can cross out the address and license number only)
  3. Phone number (no burner apps) 
  4. Employment Verification (Links to verify occupation, such as LinkedIn, work website or business card etc).
  5. References *are not* required but are always welcome.

Unlike tours where I may see multiple suitors during my trip. Fly me to you (FMTY) are a personalized experience tailored exclusively for YOU. With a FMTY you get me all to yourself! Lucky you. Having a companion by your side during crucial business trips can be a great morale and comfort booster. Exploring new or familiar places with someone you trust offers invaluable experiences that are usually impossible to achieve when traveling alone.

I value longer dates because they create a unique atmosphere of intimacy. To stay alert and energetic throughout the date, I need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Dates that last for 24 hours or more require 2 hours of alone time per day. This allows us both to attend to our individual responsibilities and also allows me sufficient time to prepare and be at my best when we’re together.

If you are not a good sleeping partner ex: snoring, sleeping devices, restless sleeper ect. I would greatly appreciate it if a private room accommodation were provided for overnight and extended dates. I am not the most fun to be around if I do not get sufficient rest.

A minimum of 1 weeks notice is appreciated.

30% deposit + all expense costs are required to secure our date.

Expenses include but aren’t limited to airfare fees, gas, hotel accommodation if needed, Uber/car rental costs, and any meals and activities together.

To protect my privacy, I will book my own travel accommodations. 

I honor mutual privacy, discretion, and respect. I pride myself on exclusivity and my client’s privacy will always be held in the strictest confidence. Prior to any booking, I expect complete privacy and discretion from both parties. Kindly observe that to ensure mutual respect and privacy.

Please do not overstay our date. If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide an additional investment for the time you would like to spend.

In date extensions $700/hr. Schedule Permitting*

Unless I provide permission, electronic payment transfers must only be used for deposits. The remaining balance is to be paid in cash when we meet. To complete full payment electronically, I must give permission and the payment has to be made within 48 hours prior to our set date. Extra charges may be applicable if this payment option is approved.

I absolutely adore it when someone does something special for me out of the goodness of their heart. It’s an incredible feeling to be recognized and appreciated. Below you can find my wishlists and money transfer apps.

CashApp: $Massagedbyme

Venmo: @Massagedbyme

Amazon Wishlist


Exploring the world, one plate at a time! I’m always on the hunt for new and delicious culinary experiences. Let’s share some food love and enjoy a few new dishes together!

For dates lasting longer than three hours, snacks are usually enough. However, if the date will last four hours or more, then a meal is required. Whether we go out for a nice dinner or opt for the casual bar atmosphere or food truck. I’m happy either way. We can also stay in and order room service or delivery. My mouth is watering, Is yours?

I don’t usually drink a lot, but it’s nice to enjoy the company of people around me while trying out different cocktails. A few of my favorites are jalapeño margaritas, Moscow mules, champagne, and specialty craft cocktails. I’m also open to exploring new wines with intriguing descriptions.

I’m always up for a great time, but please be mindful of your limits when it comes to drinking. Doing so will help us enjoy our time together and make the most out of every moment. As we all know drinking can affect rising for the occasion.

Cannabis enthusiast, taking it easy one puff at a time!

If you’d like to bring anything related to 420, I’m open to it so long as it’s sealed and unopened. In case of flower or edibles, please contact me for availability as I can arrange them for $10 per serving.

If you find that getting high changes your behavior in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, then I would strongly suggest avoiding it while we are together.

I will be happy to provide up to two references for you within six months of our last rendezvous. Make sure to notify me by email in advance and direct the companion to my website. If you need any additional references, please send an appreciation tip of $100 for my time.

Karli Sparx Atlanta, GA & FMTY Escort