Slowly building my relationship with Karli over the last two years has been one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences of my life. I started out with a two hour date, followed by a couple 4-6 hour dates, multiple virtual dates, and finally going on an 2 day extended date. The last 48 hours seemed straight out of a romance novel, yet actually happened to me in real life! Amazing food, laughs, hiking in the GA mountains, eating raspberries off her toes, plenty of private time…Karli is a breath of fresh air that I want to keep breathing in. She’s a goddess with the nectar of life that I will keep drinking in. She’s an experience that will having you floating on cloud nine. I cannot wait to see her again”


WOW! Just fucking WOW! Karli is definitely wonderful at making one comfortable and at ease. From the first contact to the last enthralling kiss on the way out. Karli is fun and easy to laugh and bring a laugh. She is adorably hott, with a bit of cute thrown in. Karli is smooth, silky and tasty…EVERYWHERE! Together, we played as if it were choreographed. No trepidations or clumsy moments which happen (to me) often on initial visits. Only took a few days for me to schedule the next visit. I’m already looking forward to the 2nd rendezvous and the 3rd, 4th and 10th!!


“ Karli is an amazing goddess. She’s an empathic soul who has a wonderful hands that knew just what I needed loosening up. She went above and beyond giving me a full body massage. She listens, she has soft hands, pretty toes and warm oil. Perfect combination. She smells divine and is extremely gorgeous. The time flew by and I wished I booked double the time. I’ve seen her before and each time is better than the next. I WILL see her again & to be honest, I don’t think I’ll see anyone else from now on. I can’t recommend her fast enough.”

“Karli was wonderful. After a long day in corporate America, it was refreshing to have such a sweet host. The location was very upscale and Karli was professional. She greeted me with a hug and made me feel comfortable. She graced me with an amazing evening and I’ll be sure to visit her again when she’s in town.”


“Karli is an absolute treasure and my favorite provider of all time. I’ve seen her seen her many times from 2-3 hours to 4-6 hour dates, and even some virtual ones! During our dates, she makes me feel loved and seen. She’s funny and empathetic. Conversations are effortless and hours just fly by. Her smile and the sparkle in her eyes when she laughs make my heart flutter like a teenager with a crush. To say she is beautiful is an understatement and does not do her justice. Her body is DIVINE. Perfection. *chef’s kiss* I could spend hours worshiping her for the goddess she is. As someone who enjoys certain kinks, Karli is extremely accommodating and encourages me to let that freak flag fly! She literally is the embodiment of the girl of my dreams. I cannot wait to see her again (and again and again)!”


“I have been fortunate to see Karli multiple times over the past year, and each adventure we have shared leaves me with overwhelming content yet eager to see her again. Whether it was a few hour dinner date, an overnight, or a weekend together, each date with Karli is like a mini vacation. She makes me feel isolated from the world, recognizes and appreciates my own unique qualities, listens intently, makes me laugh, and she truly savors every moment together. Her passion is unrivaled and always leaves me exhausted.  With her kiss goodbye until next time, I step away and feel unstoppable, bulletproof, valued, and exalted. She is a respite, relief, and delivers the ultimate release.”


Karli is a wonderful and empathetic woman who clearly enjoys her work. This was my first time with a pro, and she was very adept at easing me into the experience. I’ve no doubt that there are many sides to her (as well as skills) yet to be savored. She’s beautiful. She’s a class act. And she’s someone very much worth getting to know.”

– D

Four Hands to Heaven
“When I first noticed the way Karli and Hayley were interacting on Twitter I was intrigued. Sure, they are both smoking hot, but they also seemed to be making big claims about everything they had to offer. I finally had to pull the trigger and I am so glad I did. First, everything they claim they have… they do… and more. But, what is hard to put into words or an advertisement is how connected they are and how they bring you into that connection. They pulled something out of me I didn’t know was there. You can tell they care and want to get to know what makes you tick. I’m still reeling. Wow. Thank you ladies. I’ll be back and for much longer next time. I didn’t want to leave.”

Four Hands to Heaven

“I had the privilege of meeting Karli and Hayley while they were touring my area. The 4-hand body rub was amazing. Karli and Hayley work great together and make you feel so special. It was truly an amazing time with two amazing down to earth ladies who obviously love and enjoy what they do. I can’t wait to see them again. Thanks for a fantastic start to the day.”


“Karli is a sexy sweet stick of dynamite! She’s beautiful inside and out and her beautiful eyes will melt your heart. Karli was professional from start to finish and made me feel comfortable each step of the way, from verification, to communication and booking, and directions to our meeting location. Her home was meticulous as her touch. She made me feel at home. Her physical touch is the stuff of legends and she took me to heights I have never experienced previously. I plan to visit her again soon.”
Four Hands to Heaven
“Karli and SHG made me feel extremely comfortable, relaxed and free of tension. These wonderful women are very passionate about what they do and were amazing in every way!”

“Oh, my dear Karli. I think of her and the words that come to my mind are “What a Bombshell!”.
An absolute beauty. And an out-of-this-world kisser, OMFG.
As part of a couple who approached Karli for a meet up, I can speak for both of us when I say that we are both soooo satisfied and happy with the results.
Our time together was amazing, good conversation, amazing (a-ma-zing) kisses and a heavenly experience overall.
It goes without saying that we will not think twice about who we will call for our next encounter… Karli definitely leaves you wanting more of her.”


Four Hands to Heaven

“Whenever I’m deciding on a provider, I always make sure I know exactly what I want out of an experience. Sometimes playful, sometimes sensual, sometimes just a massage, sometimes something new and creative. With Hayley and Karli, it doesn’t matter what I decide – they will deliver. I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and they are hands down the most professional duo I’ve seen both on the business end and the service end. They can do it all. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give them is everything feels safe and comfortable with them and as soon as the session is over you start thinking about the next one. Book now…you won’t regret it.”


“Karli is a multi-faceted woman: a delightful dinner companion, excellent masseuse, and an enthusiastic, skillful lover. Her photos accurately depict her beauty and athletic build, but are inadequate to convey how stunning she is in person. Beyond her appearance, her intuitiveness and compassion are compelling. I highly recommend spending time – as much time as you can arrange – with Karli.”


“Karli is wonderful! She is warm, friendly and very very sexy. Her photos do not do her justice. She made me feel comfortable immediately, is easy to talk to and really knows how to please. Time with Karli just flies by. Do not hesitate to see her, I know I will again.”

“I had such an amazing time with Karli! She has such an incredible vibe! And my god…she has incredible eyes! I loved every minute we spent together! Made me feel at home, and super relaxed! I seriously cannot wait until she comes back! I might even fly out to her!
Thank you, Karli, for such a blissful evening! I can’t wait to see you again!!”
-Mr. B
“Karli is an absolute GODDESS! Being a beginner myself, she made the entire process very comfortable and easy going. She was super responsive and went out of her way to attend to my desires and needs during our time. From her cozy, clean, and intimate environment, to her witty yet calming demeanor, the whole experience was world class. She is amazing with her hands and knows how to apply just the right pressure in just the right places. I can’t recommend Karli enough, and I can’t wait to see her again! 1000/10 experience!”

Four Hands to Heaven

“Just saw Karli and Hayley and had a 4-hand duo massage. Words can not express how amazing the session experience was and how I will definitely repeat. First let me say that the chemistry between Hayley and Karli is the most genuine unique connection I have ever experienced. They are very professional throughout the entire process and make you feel like you are the most important person in their world. They cater to your every desire and provide a warm and welcoming environment. There is no way I am not going to do this again and I strongly recommend this dual massage for anyone who wants a mind blowing experience. They are very classy women who should be respected and trust me show them the respect and they will in turn show you amazing session.”


“Karli is simply the best of my life, she cares about details she is the most attractive girl in this world, she will keep you hypnotized by her perfect enhanced beauty, her conversations are always amazing, great stories and she will put attention on your conversation, I have seen her couple of times and I’ll do it again, no doubt!!!”

“Karli is absolutely one of my favorite providers. She has the ability to make me feel at ease with her beautiful smile. Conversations flow easily and I feel like the whole world melts away and it’s just the two of us. I love her openness and non-judgmental attitude. I was having such a good time that I extended the date (which I’ve never done) and because of the distance between us, I also had a couple of virtual dates (also a first!). I cannot wait to see her again when I have the opportunity.”

– AJ

“I had the absolute pleasure to spend one of the most splendid afternoons of my entire life with Karli.  Her exquisite beauty, cheerful demeanor and unmatched skills made for an experience I will remember the rest of my days.  I absolutely cannot wait to meet her again and she sits atop my list as my All Time Favorite.  It’s not even close. 11/10.”

– Kevin

“My first visit with Karli was amazing. Her energy and willingness to please is second to none. The massage was wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for a better escape.”


“No one makes a meeting more comfortable and exciting as Karli. From the moment I met her, any bit of nerves or uncertainty disappeared as soon as I was greeted by her infectious smile. Talking with Karli is like catching up with an old friend, I never felt awkward or like we were strangers. Not only is she a breath-taking beauty, but she is funny, charismatic, and knows how to make someone feel special. No amount of time is enough time with Karli. Once I left, I knew that I was going to need to see her again. If you want someone who is going to give you memories that you will never forget and provide an environment that is both comfortable and exhilarating, look no further. Karli is one of a kind.”

– A

“What an experience!!!! I was initially hesitant when I saw her prices but I am SOO glad I took the plunge! Karli is simply put… FUCKING AMAZING lol. From the moment we began chatting I could tell she was special, but I had no clue how special until we met for dinner. Half way through my steak we were inching closer and closer and before long… I had to order the check and to go box. The next hour of our time together was so motivating that I upgraded to an over night…. lets just say I am still thinking about that morning… wow…  “

– Mr. R

“I am delighted to write this testimonial for the excellent FBSM
+companionship I received from Karli. From start to finish, my experience was nothing short of exceptional, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Karli for her outstanding skills and professionalism.Upon entering the tranquil and welcoming atmosphere of her Incall, I immediately felt at ease. Karli greeted me warmly and took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences. Her attentive and caring approach instilled a sense of confidence and trust right from the beginning.Her skillful body and hands worked wonders, relieving tension, and soothing my muscles with each precise movement. The pressure applied was perfect, customized to suit my comfort level and targeting the areas that needed attention the most. What truly set this service apart was the attentiveness and personalized care I received. Not only did the service leave me feeling physically rejuvenated, but it also provided a much-needed mental and emotional reprieve. The serene ambiance, soothing music, and Karli’s calming presence with her fluidity and extreme hotness created a blissful experience that allowed me to unwind and find a profound sense of relaxation. I am already looking forward to my next appointment and the incredible benefits it will undoubtedly bring.

Thank you, Karli, for providing such an excellent service that exceeded all my expectations.”


“It was an absolute pleasure. As a pure beginner in this experience, Karli offered comfort and warmth. With her dashing good looks and beautiful eyes, she will take care of you from start to end. She is nothing but professional and responsive to your desires. All hesitation aside, she will ease your worries and calm you to your needs. I highly recommend her but wish to keep her a secret.”
– Chris

“Had a great time with Karli. This is one of the best experiences I have had with a provider. She knows how to make a guy feel comfortable and you can tell she loves what she does. Very nice incall location. Definitely will be back.”